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Ship ahoy!

Our role play has been a hit with all the children this week! We have been lucky enough to have the use of a ‘real’ kayak complete with oars and lifejackets. The children have had such fun putting on the life jackets, climbing into the kayak and rowing to various locations around the world ….Africa and Newton Abbot included! Fastening the clips on the life jackets and clambering into a rocking kayak takes skill and determination that even our youngest children are beginning to master.

How exciting to see a paddleboard when we went to the beach! The children were shown the fin under the board and they learnt that the fin helps the paddleboard to travel on the water in a straight line. The children were shown how to carry the paddleboard down to the water and then how to use the oars to move and turn the board.

Boats are everywhere in Shaldon, some in the most unusual of places! Our visit to the beach prompted a discussion about motors, propellers, masts, sails, buoys and the harbour master. The list is endless!

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