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Happy Christmas from Shaldon Pre-School!

We have had the most amazing last week of the term. On Tuesday morning the weather was perfect for a walk into the village. The children enjoyed looking for all the different ways that the people of Shaldon prepare for Christmas. One window was displayed with an illuminated Nativity scene and the children delighted in seeing the rather grand Wise Men, each with their gifts for the Baby Jesus. At another window, a pulley system had been set up and each child gently pulled on the handle to release Father Christmas down into his sleigh!

We made our way back to Pre-School along the beach where the children were lucky enough to see a flat fish that a local fisherman had caught earlier that morning. Just as they were all feeling the texture of the skin, the fisherman began reeling in his line and.....

at the end of the line was another fish! This was such a 'magic moment' for all the children.

Then, on Wednesday afternoon, we were invited into St Peter's Church for a very special event. Having taken their seats in the front row, the children enjoyed a performance by a local jazz band. The band played a variety of instruments including a clarinet, guitar and double bass. With the lights twinkling on the Christmas tree in the background, this really was a festive way to end the term.

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